Descendants of John Barham (Boreham) Fisherman of Hastings.


52. George William Boreham

1910 Deck Hand (RX 220): "Margaret Colebrooke" of Rye
George was a bus conductor. 1911 Census servant living in London.

93. Donald George Boreham

Donald was a printer.

53. Ernest Henry Boreham

1911 Census fisherman living at 6 Bartletts Building Rye.
Ernest known as Pinko was a colourful character and served in the Royal Navy Number: SD 2413. His father was killed when the steam trawler "Margaret Colebrooke" was blown up by a mine on 17th, December 1916.
Pinko continued the fishing tradition and owned the boat RX162. Earnest often wore a Pink Carnation hence is nickname Pinko he also enjoyed a drink and it was at the "Ypres Inn Rye" 22nd May 1941 that he was arrested by John Lower P.C 62 and accused of stealing 13 fish boxes valued at £2.12.0 the property of George Herbert Bellhouse.
The case went to Rye Quarter Sessions in 1941. Pinko was found "not guilty" and discharged.
1930 living at "Bath Buildings Rock Channel" Rye.
Awarded the Mercantile Marine Medal this was awarded to those who served at
sea for no less than six months between 4 August 1914 and 11 November 1918, and
who served at sea on at least one voyage through a danger zone. All recipients
of the Mercantile Marine Medal were automatically entitled to the British War Medal.

59. Henry Frederick Skinner

Fred was a Station Master. 1901 living in Rye Sussex. 1911 living in Rye Sussex.
Henry Frederick had 3 daughters.

60. Frederick Charles Boreham

Enlisted in the 5th Cinque Ports Battalion Service no. 5\3199 (240840) as a Private on the12th January 1915 when he was living at 14 Cinque Port Street Rye Sussex. He was posted 10th July 1915 and demobilized 23rd March 1919. Awarded Victory Medal, British War Medal and the 1914 - 1915 Star.

64. Harold James Boreham

Harold was a Farm Bailif.
Effects £1257 0s. 2d. to his wife Alice.

66. Leonard Bruice Boreham

Joined as Boy sailor 19th June 1923 at H.M.S Ganges. He was previously employed as a grocers assistant Signed on in the Royal Navy for 12 years after his training was completed on 18th June 1925. Official Number: J107499.

67. Eric George Boreham

Enlisted Royal Signals 14 Aug 1934 at Bulford Number 2320162 height 5' 9.5"- fresh complexion, blue eyes on enlistment. GSM with Clasp - 1939/45 Palestine Star - Italy Star - Defence Medal - 1939/45 War Medal - LS and GC Medal with gratuity - Africa Star with 1st Army Clasp. Served in Egypt at time of Suez crisis - also with Customs and Excise at Lydd Airport.

73. Reginald Charles Boreham

Reginald was educated at Rye and very sports minded and like his uncle Frederick played football, being in the following winning teams: - 1922 Rye W.S.S Medal, 1923-23 Ninnes Shield winners medal, 1924 Newhaven Charity Cup medal. Like the rest of his brothers he had no desire to continue the family tradition of fishing and elected for the building industry and became a Plumber and Journeyman to use the description on his marriage certificate.
During the Second World War 1940 - 1945 he worked in the dockyards on the South Coast. He married Jeanette who was born in London, her father was a Hansom Cab driver (horse drawn Taxi to use today’s, description). Jeanette worked at Selfridges in London and had two children the writer of this being one of them. After the war Reg formed a small Business called "Boreham and Duke" Plumbers and Decorators, this declined in latter years and they split up.
Reg and Jean lived at 13 Braybrooke Road Hastings then moving to a new house in Parker Road that they purchased for £525 in 1939 latter in 1965 they sold it for £3,250 and moved to 19 Maplehhust Close purchased for £3,700 where Reginald died. Jeanette later moved to St. Helens Road and died at St.Helens Hospital on 28th,July 1987.

Jeanette Maude Summerfield

Jean always celebrated her birthday on the 20th August believing that day was correct.