Descendants of John Barham (Boreham) Fisherman of Hastings.


34. George Thomas Boreham

George Thomas SINBAD was a Master Mariner another seafarer the nickname obviously refers to "Sinbad" the sailor and sadly another to be claimed by the sea.
1901 Census Master of the fishing Boat Daisy ( O.N. 75407) RX90 with 3 crew Richard Harvey Mate 24, Henry Swaine 3rd Hand 35 and James F Buley 54 4th hand.
George Thomas owned 32 shares of the Daisy RX90 and George William his father the other 32 shares the boat was built by James Collins Hoad in 1881 and the registry closed in 1910 when the boat was broken up.
1901 living at 22 South Undercliff Rye Sussex.
1911 Census Fisherman living at 6 Bartletts Building Rye.
George married Edith and they had five children 1909 they were living at Bartletts Buildings Rye.
On 17th, December 1916 the steam trawler "Margaret Colebrooke" was blown up by a mine when the crew were trying to remove it from the trawl net possibly a German Pin Mine. Lost J.Foord (Master), George Thomas Boreham, William Eldridge, James Hilder, John Hilder and Alfred Martin. Thomas Apps serving as a boy survived after being told to shelter low down by the wheelhouse.
When the mine exploded Thomas Apps was thrown into the sea and the boat destroyed, he swam for three hours before being rescued by a Minesweeper. A total of 23 children lost their fathers, an appeal fund was set up by the Mayor of Rye for the families of the dead crew.
A memorial cross erected by the masters and crew of the steam trawlers "Kent Colebrooke" and "Alfred Colebrooke" and stands in Rye Cemetery.
All the crew lost are remembered on the War memorial to all those who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 -1918 at Rye Church.
The family gravestone in Rye Cemetery reads-
"George Thomas Boreham, Beloved
husband E.A.Boreham who died
17th.December 1916 Aged 51, also
Albert Charles their son died
28th. April 1916 aged 15 years, also
Catherine Beatrice their daughter
and beloved wife of P.C.Betteridge
who died 15th. July 1945 aged 47
years. Also in loving memory of our
dear mother' Edith Annie Boreham who
passed. away 22nd-September 1954
aged 88 years"

55. Albert Charles Boreham

Died young after lifting stock at work.

Ernest Alfred Malpas

1901 Census Bank Clerk living at 132 Hughenden Road Hastings.

Henry Skinner

1901 census working on Railways London Willsden.

37. Charles Robert Boreham

1887 Deck hand on RX 122 Sole Bay of Rye.
1894 2nd Hand on the Conster RX99
1901 census Mariner Seas. In 1909 living in Cinque Port Street Rye.
1911 Census Fisherman living at 14 Cinque Port Street Rye.
Awarded the Mercantile Marine Medal this was awarded to those who served at
sea for no less than six months between 4 August 1914 and 11 November 1918, and
who served at sea on at least one voyage through a danger zone. All recipients
of the Mercantile Marine Medal were automatically entitled to the British War Medal.
1915 Able Seaman serving on ship Gaditano O/N 102077 previous ship Plouther of Southhampton.

38. John (Jack) Boreham

1887 Deck hand on RX 122 Sole Bay of Rye.
1901 census Occupation Fireman. Living "Little Fagg" Rye Foreign.
1911 Census Occupation Scaffolder Erector living at 3 Chimneys Rye.
On the 9th November 1914 John joined the 2nd South Down Battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment at Hastings when he was living at 3 Chimney House Rye Foreign Rye Sussex. Regimental No. 1578 Enlistment Details Aged 37 years and 1 month, 5 feet 9.5 inches, Chest 39.5 inches, Complexion Ruddy, Hair Dark tinged grey, Tattoo left wrist. Eyes Blue.
Appointed Lance Corporal 18th February 1915. Promoted to Corporal and joined the 12th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment known as "Lowther,s Lambs" 30th July 1915. Posted to France 4th March 1916 sustained injures that caused the loss of use of his right arm. Returned to England 5th October 1916 and discharged 15th March 1917 from 3rd Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment with a Britsh War pension. Awarded the British War and Victory Medal 13th October 1921. Effects £1510 to Mary his wife and son Harold James Boreham.

62. Alice Boreham

1911 Census Servant at The Yen Tree Winchelsea Sx.

63. John William Boreham

1950 Living at 56 Edmund Road Hastings.

68. Rex Arthur Boreham

On leaving school Rex worked in a garage, trained as a hairdresser. At the outbreak of war enlisted at Hastings and after postings in Southern England was sent to join the "North Africa campaign" where he latter joined 2 S.A.S serving in various missions before returning to Scotland for more training prior to flying out of Fairford for missions behind enemy lines unfortunately the plane crashed. Rex survived and was captured and treated by the Germans for his injuries prior to working as a P.O.W in a salt mine. On his demobilisation after the war he and Enid ran the "Rose and Crown" at Beckley for 17 years. Rex now lives at Hailsham.

39. Thomas Boreham

Thomas (BULL) Boreham was born in Rye in 1875 see scrapbook. On 14th.April 1888 at the age of 13 year's he joined the crew of the trawler "CONSTER" R.X.99 his father George was master his brother George Thomas and Mr. James Earl were both Second Hands his other brother's on the voyage were Charles Third hand and he together with his other brother John were boy seaman. 1891 Census aged 16 Cook onboard RX99 (Conster)
He married Annie Sherwood from Rye who lived at Thorn Cliff Cottage Rye her father was a stonecutter. Thomas had five children by Annie they lived at 2 Slade Terrace Rye in 1910 and on 27th, January 1911 he purchased 7 St Margaret’s Terrace Rye and lived there until his death in 1926.
Thomas became the part owner of the CONSTER on the 1st February 1905 for the sum of £100 when he purchased 21 shares from his father George. On the 30th,December 1909 he purchased a further 11 shares for £50, now owning half the vessel. Following the death of his father in 1911 he purchased the remaining 32 shares for £23. from Ernest Alfred Malpas (His sister Kitty’s husband and possibly executor of Georges will?),
Sadly on the 7th. November 1914 the vessel was blown up and sunk by a mine in Rye bay but luckily all survived. In 1923 Thomas was still awaiting the result of a claim for the loss of the Trawler "Conster" from "The Royal Commission on Compensation for Suffering and Damage by Enemy Action" for. £900.
After the start of the Great War 1914-1918 for reasons unknown Thomas 5ft. 9" Inches Hazel eyes. Brown Hair with a fresh completion according to his seaman’s Continuous Certificate of Discharge No. 815413 on 15th.January 1915 at the port of Tilbury joined the Ship "Orsova" 12,036 tons registered the port of Glasgow. Call sign: HPFB Official registration 128278, as a Seaman on a voyage to Australia prior to the ship being requisitioned for trooping work in May 1915.
At Gibraltar Thomas sent a postcard to his crippled son Wilfred which read-
" Dear Wilfred Just a few lines to you hoping you are keeping well it would just suit you here to see the little boys run about with no shoes on with best love from Daddy”
Thomas returned on the 28th.Apri1 1915 and was discharged "Very Good Character.”
Thomas died after a short illness from Emphysema of Lungs at the age of fifty on the 13th. March 1926 he was buried at Rye Cemetery on the 22nd.March 1926.
1901 census Fisherman.
Awarded the Mercantile Marine Medal this was awarded to those who served at
sea for no less than six months between 4 August 1914 and 11 November 1918, and
who served at sea on at least one voyage through a danger zone. All recipients
of the Mercantile Marine Medal were automatically entitled to the British War Medal.
Estate £444 to wife Annie

69. Stanley Thomas Boreham

Stanley married Winnie and they had no children. He was a General Foreman for "Higgs and Hills" in London and lived in Ruislip Middlesex.

70. Wilfred George Boreham

Wilfred was disabled from birth and never married he lived with his mother until she could not manage and in the late 1950,s he went to live in a "Group Captain Cheshire Home" at Godalming where he died in 1963. Estate £729 to brothers Leslie and Reg.

72. Leslie Herbert Boreham

Leslie married Lillian (Lilly) and they had no children, he was a Master Carpenter an example of his work can be seen at Rye Church the Mayoral Chair was designed and made by L.Perugini, W.Sands, and L.Boreham May 1931. His other speciality was the making of Oast House Cowls. They lived at Unity Cottage Wittersham, moving to 7 St.Margarets Terrace on the death of his mother, then moved to School lane Peasmarsh.

41. William Boreham

William (TAR) married Elizabeth and they had three children he lost the use of his left arm in the Great War 1914-1918.Serving in the 11th and 12th Sussex Regiment known as "Lowther Lambs"
1901 Census Fisherman. In 1909 they were living at Adelaide Terrace Rye.
1911 Census Fisherman living at 4 Adelaide Terrace Rye.
Memorial Rye Cemetery:-
"In loving memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of William Boreham who fell asleep 19th. January 1940 aged 60 also William Boreham M.M. husband March 1st. 1953 Aged 73.
1940 he was a barman. Effects £1755 4s. 6d to second wife Mary Ann.

Elizabeth Cousens

Estate £223 12s. 5d. to William Boreham Barman.

42. Henry Boreham

1901 Census Occupation Shipwright. 1909 living at Clifton Place Rye, soon after moved to Devonport to continue his trade as a Shipwright. Living at 1 Barlow Place Devonport 1911 census.

43. Frederick Boreham

Frederick married Nell and they had two children. From an early age he was a very good footballer being in the Rye F. C. team to win the Junior Cup Runners up Medal 1900 - 1901 Sussex County Football Association, and to be in the team to win 'The Tunbridge Wells Charity Cup 1904”.
Reprinted from "On The Ball Ryes Own"---
""1904 saw the first real successes recorded, in that year the Rye Football Club carried off the Tunbridge Wells Charity Cup in front of capacity crowds at the Central Ground Hastings. That evening the victorious team was welcomed at Rye Station by hundreds of enthusiastic supporters who had been unable to get tickets for the great game. The Rye Town Band played "Sussex By The Sea" as the team captained by J.H.Gasson, was chaired shoulder high by the Fire Brigade to the rostrum where the Mayor and Councilors awaited to add their congratulations to those of the people. A great procession around the streets followed the cup held high for all to see, if it had been the F.A. Cup these eleven heroes could not have commanded greater acclaim, The names of W.H.Donovan; A.Rhodes; F.Boreham; F.Phillips; A.Adams;W.Smith; H.Pleads; J.Adams; G.Sellman and E.J.Young along with that of J.H.Gasson are indelible in the memory of all who witnessed their footballing prowess.""
Following this success he played football for Tottenham Hotspur as a goalkeeper. After he retired, he purchased the fishing boat "LUCY B" in 1923, built in 1907 36ft X 11.9ft. fitted with a 11.99 Kelvin Engine. He continued the family tradition of fishing and lived next to his brother Thomas at 8 St Margaret’s Terrace.
1901 Census Occupation Carpenter.
1911 Census Occupation Shipwright. living at 8 St Margarets Terrace Rye.

Ellen Bourne

Effects £1044 16s. 6d. to Dorothy Kitty White (wife of Ronald White) and Freda Nellie Audas (wife of Raymond Audas)

46. George William Boreham

1901 census Plasterer. Living in Hastings.1909 living at 327 Battle Road St Leonards. 1911 Census living at 111 Bulverhythe Road St Leonards On Sea Sussex. 1924 living at 5 Alberta Road Hollington. At the time of his son Robert's marriage to Florence Pound in 1935 George was a painter.

85. Leslie Charles Boreham

Private Leslie 6404070, 1st Bn., Royal Sussex Regiment was involved in the latter stages of the East African campaign at Asmara Eritrea where he was killed in action on the 8th April 1941.

86. Clifford John Boreham

Clifford was a Sergeant Wireless Opr/Air Gunner 1390575 in 44Sqdn., Royal Airforce Volunteer Reserve who died aged 24 on May 4th 1944. He was on a bombing mission near Dreux in France with 6 others, all were killed.

Thanks to Rob Davis MSc MIAP Telford Shropshire UK for the information below.

DATE : 03-May-1944 / 04-May-1944
UNIT : 44 Sqdn
AIRCRAFT : Lancaster III
RAF BASE : Dunholme Lodge
TAKE-OFF AT : 21:56
TARGET : Mailly-Le-Camp
PILOT : Nolan, Allan William, Pilot Officer, RAAF (Aus/412660) (killed)
CREW : Sergeant Eric Howard Charlton (flight engineer) (1188067) (killed),
Flight Sergeant Kenneth Brice Milton (navigator) (1394305) (killed), Flying
Officer Eric George Blake (bomb aimer) RNZAF (NZ/429027) (killed), Sergeant
Clifford John Boreham (wireless operator) (1390575) (killed), Sergeant
Ronald Derek Crook (mid-upper gunner) (1762053) (killed), Sergeant Patrick
Higgins (rear gunner) (1109234) (killed)
DETAILS : Tasked to bomb the military camp. May have been shot down by
night fighter (Hptm Martin Drewes, III/NJG1) and crashed 0118 near Neron,
11¼ miles south-east of Dreux, where the dead of the crew are buried in
Dreux Communal Cemetery.

P/O Nolan, 29, was the son of William and Ethel May Nolan, of Homebush, New
South Wales, Australia.
Sgt Charlton, 26, was the son of Howard Edwin and Jane Charlton, of
Northfield, Birmingham.
Sgt Milton, 22, was the son of Thomas B. Milton and Florence L. Milton, of
Lymm, Cheshire.
F/O Blake, 24, was the son of George Stanley Blake and of Mabel Frances
Blake (nee Nuttall), of Waihi Beach, Auckland, New Zealand.
Sgt Boreham, 24, was the son of George and Beatrice Maud Boreham, of
Hollington, St. Leonards-on-Sea. Sussex.
Sgt Crook, 21, was the son of William and Gladys Crook, of Harrogate,
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(Numbers within brackets are Air Force Service numbers.)
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Summary of aircraft service:-
44 Sqdn Jun 43, Lost 4 May 44. 469 hours

49. Mabel Boreham

1911 Census Occupation servant living at 10 Warrior Square St Leonards on Sea.

50. Jane Boreham

1881 census General Domestic Servant working at 3 Carlisle Parade Hastings.

William Coussens

1901 census Bricklayer living at 25 Lennox St Clements Hastings, with his family and the widow of John Boreham Emily Sofia Boreham.