Descendants of John Barham (Boreham) Fisherman of Hastings.


18. Mary Boreham

1851 Census Ore workhouse Hastings inmate.
1861 Census Royal Hospital Special Portsea Hampshire patient Lock Girl (treatment for Venereal Disease).

John Stace

1871 Census living in Fairlight Road Hastings widow with his two sons occupation Knackers Labourer.

19. George William Boreham

George William (BOVIS) Boreham Smack Owner. From his humble start in life born 21st February 1840 his father died at the age of 42 his mother at 33. On his birth certificate registered by his mother only her mark is shown indicating she was illiterate. At the age of 10 he was placed into the Workhouse (1850) when his father remarried he came out in 1853 to resume family life with his stepmother Francis.
At the age of twenty he married Kitty Shrivell from Brighton they lived at Post Office Passage Hastings (1861). Kitty came from a very well to do family and was approx 3 months pregnant at the time of marriage. They had twelve children the first two died very young, as did a large number of children in Hastings; his brother Robert lost four out of their five children.
The reason for the deaths was the contamination of the "Bourne Stream" the water supply for Hastings. The losses of the children in Hastings was the reason for the move to Rye living at 3 Fishermans Key Rye in (1871) moving to 34 Mermaid Street Rye in (1881) and then to 1 Slade Terrace Rye 1909.
He was master of "The Maid Of Kent" (Official No. 19941) 1873 - 1874, "Alice" O.N. 69531 1875 - 1879 and "Conster" O.N. 80246 1879 - 1889 from 1883 - 1890 George William Boreham was also registered as the owner of the "Conster" and held a half share in the trawler Daisy RX 90 O.N 75407.
George Boreham was one of the Rye Harbour Commissioners. At a special meeting held at the Board Room at the Strand in March 1891 letters of complaint where made against Commissioner George Boreham concerning a Net Hut he had built in one of the prettiest part of the town at the fishmarket on land he did not own or rent being an illegal structure. After along discussion Commissioner George Boreham agreed to move the Net Hut the cost of removing and rebuilding to be borne by the Harbour Commissioners and Commissioner George Boreham agreed a 5 shillings (25p.) per year rent on the new site.
On the 15th September 1900 George landed a very rare Royal Sturgeon at Hastings Fishmarket. (See press cutting scrapbook).
1910 George sold his share of the trawler Daisy RX 90. (see press cutting scapbook).
George was a fisherman all his life at the age of 55 he was Fishery Officer for Rye and owned various fishing boats. The most talked about by the family is the "CONSTER" (Pictures see Thomas Boreham and Stanley Boreham).
"CONSTER" R.X. 99. Official No.80246. Port of registry Rye Registered Tonnage 27 tons launched 26th March 1878 at Rye 52ft.4 tenths length by 16ft. 2 tenths. 2 masts. It was owned and built by William James Hoad (Boat Builder), George William Boreham was master. On December 30th. 1878 George William Boreham bought 21 shares (one third) of the vessel from the owner, further transactions followed until he owned all 64 shares. The Conster was blown up by a mine in Rye Bay 8th November 1918 all the crew survived.
The 14th August 1901 an arrest warrant was issued by "The Court of the Admiralty of the Cinque Ports" for the vessel "Conster" following a collision with the vessel "Clio" at Rye fishmarket on the 13th August by its owner Joseph Robinson claiming £100-00 damages. The "Conster was released from arrest on the 15th August 1901, following a writ being served for George Boreham to appear before the Admiralty Court. The claim was discontinued on the 21st August 1901 result unknown.
George (BOVIS) also owned the boat "Daisy" RX 90 and must have been a hard taskmaster as on 16th January 1900 he issued a warrant under the Merchant Shipping Act 1894 as owner of the vessel "Daisy" RX 90 for Frank Auckland the Skipper of Daisy to be charged for Desertion.
1901 Census Mariner.
1911 Census Fisherman living at 1 Slade Terrace Rye.
Estate £191 to Ernest Malpas bank clerk.

Kitty Shrivell

Daughter of Thomas and Catherine Shrivell living at Brighton. Thomas was a Fish Salesman.
Estate £230 to Ernest Malpas bank clerk.

21. Robert (Albert) Boreham

Robert also in the Workhouse 1850-1853 then lived with his stepmother Francis at 5 Waterloo Place Hastings (1861 ). He had no wish to be a fisherman and became a plasterer on the extensive building boom in Hastings following the Victorian enthusiasm for sea bathing. Robert married Harriet sharing 6 Upper South Road Hastings (1871) with another family they had six chiIdren only two survived to adult hood. In (1881) they were still living at 6 Upper South Road Hastings.1901 Census Plasterer.

22. John Boreham

1861 census John was a Boy Seaman aged 15 on the fishing boat "Ann". John drowned aged 24 when the fishing boat "Power of Love" was lost during a gale on January 29th 1869. The boat was caught at sea when a south-easterly gale suddenly sprang up. The "Power of Love" disappeared and was found three days later by a Deal fisherman who reported seeing her upturned hull floating off the Goodwin Sands. The lost crew were George "Tonser" Adams who left a pregnant widow and seven children, George Sutton married with two children and John Boorham married with one child, also aboard just for the trip was Charles Wood. Lost in the same gale was one of the crew of the "Dove" Joseph Betts. An appeal fund for the dependents raised £507. Following the death of John, widow Emily and her 2 daughters Jane and Emily went to live with her parents Charles and Marianne Brasier and their six chiIdren at 3 Waterloo Passage St Clements Hastings (1871).

Emily Sofia Brasier

Never remarried following the death by drowning of John in 1869. 1891 Census (Charwomen) living at 10 All Saints Sreet with daughter Jane (Ironer) and William John Philips (Painter).
1901 census Charwoman living in Hastings at 25 Lennox. St Clements with married daughter Jane and her husband William Coussens and children.
1911 Census Charwoman living in 1 room at 263 Mt Pleasent Road Hastings with grand daughter Hilda Allwood aged 6.

Albert Austin James

1891 Census Bricklayers Labourer. Living at 77 Hughenden Road Hastings with wife and sister Mary Elizabeth (Dressmaker).