Descendants of John Barham (Boreham) Fisherman of Hastings.


7. Robert Boreham

Robert went to sea as a boy in 1820 latter served in the Navy for 4 years three months - described as 5' 11", brown hair blue eyes, good complexion. Robert was a successful fisherman and owned the boat "Fishguard" 9 Tons GRW. He married Mary a widow with 5 children and they lived at 36 All Saints Street Hastings (1841). They had one child that died young. In (1851) they were living at 72 All Saints Street and (1871) they shared a house at 1.Tackleway with another family. Robert was issued with a Mariners ticket at Hastings 25th July 1846. He was elected as one of the fifty Commissioners elected from the 400 fishermen of the newly formed Hastings Fishermans Society during the period 1831 - 1873 and after the death of Mary ended his time in the Workhouse at Ore.
1901 Census Fisherman. Pauper living at Hastings Union Workhouse Cackle Street St.Helens Hastings with 262 other persons in the institution.
Died 11th November 1903 aged 100?. (see scrapbook)

Mary Ann Upton

1861 census shopkeeper.

8. George Boreham

George another fisherman married Mary (pregnant at time of marriage) after serving a 3 month jail sentence for an "Assault on Watchman" he received in March 1833. They lived at 5 Williams Cottage Hastings (1841) and had eight chiIdren three dying young.
Following the death of his wife Jane Mary in April 1850 at the age of 33, George became a lodger with his brother William at 71 All Saints Street (1851 census). In January 1851 George was sentenced to 1 calendar month in Jail unless " Penalty and costs paid" this was for an Assault. The 5 children were placed in the Workhouse. On Thursday April 23 1851 George was summoned before the Mayor and G.Scrivens and F.Smith to show cause why he could not support his family. Mr. Harvey for Mr. Boreham explained George had paid the fine but the children had been taken from him during his imprisonment and offered to take three out of the workhouse but not all five as he had no house to take the children to. The Poor Law Commissioners along with the magistrates agreed to George taking just three children out of the Workhouse. In June 1850 George married Francis Carey who cared for all the children. George died in 1855.

Francis Sherwood

1861 census living 4 Waterloo Pace Hastings occupation shoe binder. Living with her second husband George Boreham, daughters Elizabeth Carey 18 shoe binder and Sarah 13, and her sister Sarah 35 unmarried also a shoe binder.

10. William Boreham

William continues the fishing tradition, he married Henrietta and they had one child living at 71 All Saints Street Hastings (1851), he died at the age of 37 the family had sufficient money to have a gravestone in All Saints Church yard the inscription read.
"Here rest the remains of
William Boreham the beloved husband
of Henrietta Boreham who died March
the 11th 1857 in the 37th. year of his life"

23. Henrietta Susan Boreham

1881 Census Dress maker living at 74 High Street Hastings unmarried.

James Bumpstead

1861 Census living in All Saints with family occupation fisherman.
1871 Census living in 6 Wellington Court All Saints occupation fisherman.

26. James Bumpstead

1871 Census living in 6 Wellington Court All Saints occupation fisherman.

27. Robert Bumpstead

1871 Census living in 6 Wellington Court All Saints occupation fisherman.