Descendants of John Barham (Boreham) Fisherman of Hastings.


1. John Barham

John Barham married Mary Ranger who was pregnant with their first child Betty at Ringmer Sussex in 1772. The birth of John their second child in 1774 they were deemed to be a burden on the Parish and having no legal settlement in Ringmer they were conveyed to Burham in Kent on the 22nd September 1774 the parish that John originated from. There are no records of the family in Burham Kent and they made there way to Hastings.
The first record of the Boreham name is the Hastings St Clements Church baptism records July 24th 1781. Sarah was baptised daughter of John and Mary Boreham. Little is known of the mother Mary but John was a fisherman and drowned in a fishing tragedy with his son John, and Edward Morris on Friday July 7th. 1786 all buried in a paupers grave and marked pauper in burial register.
The tragedy was reported in the "The Daily Universal Register" Tuesday, July 18, 1766. Now the "Times of London", the report is exactly as printed at the time,"On Friday fe nnight as two fifhermen belonging to Hathing, named Morris and Barham, with a boy, fon of the latter, were traveling in a little hog boat off that place, their boat overfet, when they all three unfortunately perifhed. Barham has left a widow pregnant, and two children. Their hats were all foundfloating, but none of their bodies have as yet been taken up."
" See Document" In the report the name is spelt as pronounced and in various records derivatives are BARHAM, BORHAM, BOORHAM, and BOREHAM the latter appearing with regularity on the 1841 census.

3. John Barham

Buried in a paupers grave. Marked pauper in Burial register.